In the year 1992, a group of teachers from the Arts High School in Tulcea had the idea of organising the first “George Georgescu” Contest for Performing Artists, open to students from music schools and high schools all over the country. Shortly after, it was acknowledged as one of the most prestigious cultural events in Romania.
The fame of the contest is due not only to the number and value of the competitors, but also to its conscientious organisation.
The contest hosted more and more competitors every year, and in 1995 it opened to foreign competitors as well as Romanian ones. In the last 16 years, thousands of young instrumentalists, both Romanian and foreign, have performed on its stage; some of them are, presently, well-known musicians.
The contestants are met here by a genuine competitive environment, whereas hard work and talent are awarded with important prizes. Along the years, quite a few Romanian music personalities have gathered to assess to contestants’ performances, among whom: Vladimir Orlof, Octavian Lazăr Cosma, Dan Buciu, Şerban Dimitrie Soreanu, Grigore Constantinescu, Gheorghe Zamfir, Monica Noveanu, Gabriel Croitoru, Gheorghe Oprea, Delia Pavlovici, Corneliu Solovăstru, Maria Toronciuc, Vasile Ţugui, Ionel Voineag, Eleonora Enăchescu.
For the past few years, the surviving family of the great musician George Georgescu has joined the traditional organisers – The Romanian Ministry of Education and Youth, The School Inspectorate of Tulcea County, Tulcea County Council and Tulcea Mayoralty. The presence of the two ladies – the maestro’s wife and daughter – adds to the charm of the festivity.
The “George Georgescu” Contest for Performing Artists is, nowadays, regarded as one of the most important classical music competitions of the Romanian calendar, an event that is awaited every year with great interest and excitement.